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About Us

Experienced, Proven, Pioneering

backCODE is a Los Angele­s-based innovation consultancy that collaborates with companies large and small to develop solutions that leverage the latest in media technologies, from virtual reality to gaming and mobile applications to emerging technologies like artificial intelligence. We are founded by a group of highly experienced entrepreneurial innovators and technology creatives who are purpose-driven, product-focused and serious problems-solvers. backCODE’s client list includes government agencies, nonprofit organizations, Fortune 500 companies as well as startups and other truly forward thinkers.


Meet the Team

Grant Viklund
Chief Executive Officer
Bruce Lai
Managing Director, Education
Travis Falstad
Managing Director, Media
Tyrone Howard
Production Manager


Solve, Create, Immerse

backCODE helps its clients with:

Solution Development

Design solutions to organization-based problems.

Creative Design

Bring the best creative and design talent of Los Angeles to solve complex problems with engaging & informing content and visuals.

Immersive Experiences

Develop and produce solutions that leverage immersive media technologies like virtual reality, gaming and mobile apps.

backCODE is composed of a cross-disciplinary team of strategy & business experts, product developers, technology architects, creative directors, game designers, artists and software developers who support every stage of solution design and product development. Our process is a multi-stage flow from solution design, rapid prototyping, user testing and then full build. At backCODE, we marry the latest in media technology and the best in creative direction with the knowledge of top learning and business experts to design and produce best-in-class solutions.



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