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About Us

Changing the Way Learners Perform

backCODE builds experiential learning solutions by leveraging great story, amazing visuals and immersive interactivity to drive exceptional educational outcomes, focused on deep, sustained engagement in learning through self discovery. Our markets span from the Defense and Intelligence industries to Corporate Enterprise, from Healthcare to Professional Development, from Consumer Outreach to K-12 education. Our vision drives us to be the best educational media and science company by creating top tier products and cutting edge technology. We merge the creative talent of Hollywood with the expertise of world renown learning scientists and hand picked subject matter experts to provide best of breed solutions. We measure ROI not just in terms of saving time and money but also in depth of knowledge, student effectiveness and user enjoyment.

Meet the Team

Grant Viklund
Chief Executive Officer
Bruce Lai
Chief Strategy and Revenue Officer
Sophia Viklund
Founder and Head of Strategic Relations

Our Mission

Educate, Engage, Entertain

Do you remember the most amazing teacher you’ve ever had? We do. Our best educators and professors made us excited about learning, want to ask more and created those “lightbulb” moments of clarity where information turns into knowledge. Our mission is to replicate and scale this excitement and these “lightbulb” moments through the power of engagement and the tools of the entertainment world -- games, animation, movies and more.


Games, Simulations, Virtual Reality and Animation

We create immersive educational games, interactive simulations and e-books, augmented and virtual reality apps and live action and animated movies. Our products have been proven effective in teaching crucial skills that improve field performance in high stakes environments (for example intelligence field agents, military fighter pilots, etc.) because we have the ability to translate educational objectives into a compelling story and effective game design / mechanics and creating the entertainment factor that will engage children and adults in learning as a process of self-discovery.

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